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Whats Grandma Hiding

A mysterious journey, where your grandma tasked you with restoring a mansion that you never knew your family had. Search for clues scattered throughout the estate, piecing together the mystery and unlocking hidden truths as you delve deeper into the enigmatic past. Utilize rewarded ads to gain valuable coins or expedite the deciphering process, enhancing your investigative prowess in this immersive item-searching adventure.

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Rescue Hero

The hero begins his journey for treasure and save princess, but the puzzles in front of the hunter trapped him. What you need to do is to pull the pins in the right order, so that the hero can take the hidden treasure and save princess away from dragon, wolf and monster safely.

Scrooge: Hidden Holidays

Help Ebenezer Scrooge find missing items and restore joy to the townspeople. Find all the hidden items to complete each area.

Haunted Hideaway

Help a ghostly spirit find valuable items that will give her extra power. These objects are her source of new and additional energy; something that makes her stronger and more capable of facing obstacles. How many can you find?

Rainforest Treasures

Discover hidden artifacts deep in the rainforest as you help two adventurers uncover one of the greatest discoveries of this century.

Deserted Yacht

Track down hidden objects and set sail in this fun hidden object game. Find artifacts and treasures as you travel across the ocean on a yacht.

Pirates and Treasures

Discover all the treasures of the Pirates. Find the hidden objects, hidden numbers and objects by outline in 8 levels.

Mystery Venue

Look for Hidden Objects around a mysterious town! It’s a deserted town, dark and mysterious so you will need to enter the venue with caution! There is a lot to see. As our previous explorers say there is no turning back once you get in! Join with the millions of other players and look for hidden objects around an eerie town. Are you ready to take on the Mystery Venue?

Hidden Paris

French detective Chloe is in front of a mission to discover the emigrated criminal from the American prison that is supposedly hidden in Paris. She gets the information from her American colleagues. The investigation begins. Chloe must be very careful in the estimation of all the suspicious places where the criminal guy might be. Besides that, he must answer some posed questions that can help her find out more about the desperado.

Little Shop of Treasures 2

The smaller the shop, the bigger the treasures! Welcome back to Huntington in Little Shop of Treasures 2, a new adventure of seek-and-find fun. Help the shoppers of this charming town find the items they desire.